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Household Segmentation

MAY 2024

Future growth hinges on understanding changing household dynamics.


Household segmentation is a people-focused framework that provides critical insights into a changing U.S. population.

The framework breaks people into segments based on demographics and allows us to identify key trends within each people segment. This empowers us to know how the population is shifting and how beverage consumption is changing.

Understanding the change allows us to speak the same language with our customers and agencies for consistent planning and execution. At its root, the framework identifies must-win opportunities and guides winning long-term strategy.

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Household Insights

Custom-tailored insights on our people allows us to meet them at their key points of influence.

Channel Preferences

Struggling Multicultural Families have a strong preference for shopping at grocery stores and mass channels.

Largest growing household type

Struggling Non-Multicultural Seniors have grown in population by 20.9 million people in the last 2 years in the US.

When beverages are enjoyed

23% of beverages are consumed while relaxing and 21% of beverages are consumed as routine behaviors.

Fastest growing household type

Struggling Multicultural Family households have grown 11% in the last 2 years in the US.

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Connecting the Dots

With a people-led strategic planning approach we can see that not all shoppers behave the same way.


Scenario 1

Struggling Non-Multicultural Seniors prefer single pack multi-serve over single pack single-serve.

Struggling Multicultural Adults prefer the opposite.

The difference:

Varying Package Preference


Scenario 2

Affluent Non-Multicultural Seniors show a nearly even split in diet vs regular Sparkling Soft Drink preference.

Struggling Multicultural Families largely favor regular Sparkling Soft Drink.

The difference:

Varying Flavor Preference


Scenario 3

Affluent Non-Multicultural Seniors’ favor fill-in non-food as their top trip mission, with stock-up close behind.

Affluent Multicultural Families’ top trip mission is grab & go home.

The difference:

Varying Trip Missions


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