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Food Service Digital Trends

MAY 2024

Delivering on digital restaurant objectives is a key driver in accelerating future growth.

Plugged In

Digital restaurant growth has continued well beyond the initial spike experienced in 2020, with almost 1 in every 5 restaurant orders coming through a digital channel. This growth is driven by evolving consumer behavior and adoption with a very different guest online versus the offline guest.

Graphic depicting 4 gold dots and one with a food service app pictured on it, showing how 1 in 5 restaurant orders are made digitally

Stats of the modern-day foodservice guest

61% of customers order food digitally at least once a week.

50% Multicultural.

62% are ages 19-34.

Seeking digital payment options, with Gen Z up 5.3pts compared to others.

43% visits are alone, and 22% are couples.

Infographic showing 61% of customers order food digitally at least once a week, 50% are multicultural, 62% are ages 19-34, for seeking digital payment options, Gen Z is up 5.3pts compared to others, 43% visits are alone, and 22% are couples.

Image of a person giving food to a customer in a drive-through lane

These evolving behaviors represent a great opportunity to partner with restaurants to maximize growth through optimized user experience and strategic growth levers. The digital tactics used have been developed through combined years of first-hand experience, along with industry leading research to continuously understand and activate the customer journey. Digital ordering is just one piece of the puzzle of restaurant digitization. Strategically deploying the evergreen Digital Value Bundle supports a wide variety of needs and objectives.

Key components of the Value Bundle of Tools:

  • Digital Thought Leadership
  • Optimized Marketing Resources
  • Content Execution

By applying digital leadership, customers have consistently achieved market differentiation across the full purchase funnel. Integrating tried-and-true principles for digital spaces will ultimately lead to higher engagement and conversion.

Questions to ask yourself about your digital strategy

  1. How can you perform an assessment of your digital strategy, and how does it compare to competitors or industry standards?
  2. Is your digital infrastructure embedded within your core business strategy, or is it treated as a separate component?
  3. Do you have the right partners to help your business grow and adapt to future digital trends?
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