State of the Marketplace

MAY 2024

Read this article to understand the State of the Marketplace and how it impacts your business.

What is it?

The State of the Marketplace is a quarterly report, offering a comprehensive analysis of the dynamic landscape within the beverage industry. Encompassing crucial facets, this cross-functional initiative provides a nuanced understanding of the industry's pulse.

Through this strategic lens, we gain valuable insights not only into the broader trends shaping the beverage sector but also assess Coca‑Cola's positioning and performance relative to prevailing industry benchmarks.

Infographic listing industry benchmarks, including NARTD Retail Performance, Macroeconomic Insights, Category Spotlights, and Innovation Insights & Performance
Infographic listing industry benchmarks, including Retail Channel Performance, Food Service Performance, Key Competitor News, and Shopper & Guest Insights

What it shows

7% price mix growth

In Q3 2023, with total NARTD growth of 6%. This is less than Q1 and Q2 price growth of 14% and 11% respectively.

26% of retail growth attributed to large stores

Large stores contributed an outsized share of growth, with 18% of retail dollars coming from the channel but accounting for 26% of growth.

5% foodservice dollars vs previous year

In Q3 2023, beverage servings also grew 2% versus previous year.

Infographic showing the following data: 7% price mix growth, 26% retail growth attributed to large stores, #1 one Coca-Cola TM, and 5% food service dollars vs previous year

Connecting the dots

Building on State of the Marketplace to influence goals going forward.

Industry Trends

Each year we take a holistic look at the marketplace—we evaluate is happening and where the beverage industry is headed. We look for:

  • What categories are outpacing industry growth
  • Growth drivers by channel
  • Competitor actions
  • Key consumer shopping trends
  • Digital performance

Strategic Actions

After reviewing trends, we compare our own strategies. We connect what is happening in in the industry to our current business strategies like:

  • Product innovations
  • Marketing plans
  • Honest measures of our performance
  • Reviewing successful strategies that align with current trends


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