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ecommerce & size of the prize

MAY 2024

Keeping up with digital commerce means understanding an omnichannel approach.

omnichannel is the new normal

Digital commerce in retail is projected to grow 53% over the next 3 years, contributing 41% ($116B) of projected total grocery store growth ($281.5B).²

90% of all shoppers spend time shopping online… but only 75% of retailers believe delivering a positive digital experience is critical to success.³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶

Infographic showing the following information: 87% of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels, 1 in 3 in-store purchases start online, 71% of shoppers use mobile devices inside stores, and 57% of US shoppers are using click-and-collect services for food and beverage products.

the goal is to adapt to shoppers’ ecommerce needs


Shopper’s Behavior Shifts

There is no in-store vs. online shopping anymore, as shoppers are fluctuating between channels throughout their path to purchase.

Shoppers are:

  • Relying on technology to shop anytime, anywhere
  • Expecting personalized offers and services that provide a better experience
  • Valuing their time more than ever; looking for ways to cut corners and simplify their lifestyle


Retail Modernization

Retailers are investing to adapt to modern shopping behaviors that meet both in-store and online habits.

Retailers are:

  • Building out larger order fulfillment capabilities (automation, zones, delivery speeds)
  • Adding digital tools in the physical retail space that are consistent with what shoppers see online
  • Exploring media-centric platforms (social, streaming, gaming, EV charging) to capture attention and drive purchase

How to apply for every day

Explore ways new channels can expand online shopping capabilities, in terms of retail media networks, rewards, and purchasing and delivery formats.

Cater to a wider base of grocery occasions given that people are shopping anytime, anywhere due to the evolution of online retail.

Develop a stronger understanding of lifestyles and need states to bring the right product assortment to each individual channel.

Determine areas of the journey that can be made more efficient as it relates to purchasing beverage products, while also understanding the nuances of AI and how it can help people find products and make purchasing decisions.

a woman bagging groceries at a store
“Retailers are investing a lot in omnichannel, and I think where brands will play a role is in terms of a partnership… how to attract traffic to the retailer website, and how to bring more excitement online. From a technology standpoint, it will also be a conversation around partnership, and learning from one another.”

-VP Sales Walmart Account, Kellogg Company⁷

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